Financial Cuckold Application

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Financial Cuckold Application
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I have written numerous articles on the various nuances of cuckoldry. It’s a topic I have always been interested in and a kink I indulge in. I have also written a who done it murder mystery novel around cuckoldry, Murder and the Cuckold and now it’s one of my best selling books. The requests I receive from both submissive and alpha males, to become my cuckold is enormous.

It is interesting reading their letters and seeing how skewed their idea of a cuckold slave is. I won’t get into the contents of the letters, but what I will say is they couldn’t be more off target.

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Financial Cuckold Slave Application

The first step of becoming my Financial ‘Cuck’ Slave is to download the application once you have paid by clicking on the text or image. Included with the application is a special erotic introductory message outlining the details of your role as my ‘cuck,’

Complete the application by answering all the questions to be seriously considered.