Goddess Rachel holding her new book, Murder and The Cuckold.
Goddess Rachel holding her new book, Murder and The Cuckold.

Authority Fetish Mistress Seducing Your Mind of Kink

Make no mistake that I am the embodiment of this and more. Come to me head bowed and in gratitude ready to serve me by calling me on my chat line or serving me on Skype. Appreciate and worship all who I am and indulge in everything I create. (fetish clips, erotic mp3’s, books and my art)

I am an Intelligent, creative BDSM Fetish Mistress well versed and experienced in the art of erotic domination and control.

Whether you’re submissive, alpha male, newbie or a high mileage kinky adventurer you are in the right place.

If you’re new to my site and new to the world of erotic domination and control, I welcome you.  Are you coming to terms with who you really are and you are in need of guidance? I am well acquainted and knowledgeable about every fetish and kink there is and the psychological aspect of it. I’ve played in this realm for more than two decades as a real time dominatrix. I am an ‘Old Guard Domina.’ That means real time, play time way…… before the internet.

As an authority in my field of kink I write about the following fetishes; Goddess Worship, Chastity Training, Sissification, Corporal Punishment, Bondage, Slave Submission, Servitude, Cuckoldry and much more that have not been covered. I know you will enjoy my blog posts. You’ll find it informative, and perhaps a new perspective on what you thought you knew.


Sensual Sultry Ebony Femdom

If you want to worship me as your Goddess, understand that I am very selective in who I allow into my world. Always keep in mind that I am a Pro-Dom and that my time has value. I know the word Pro-Dom is a dirty word to some of you and that’s too bad. Here is not the place to be looking for free thrills. My fetish clips, erotic audio tapes, phone chatline, books, tribute and yes my time is for pay whether by Skype, email or my chatline. Real time sessions is for well vetted and established clients.

Whether you’re a novice or have served a Mistress before in a limiting fashion, you must come to me with an open mind and a willingness to submit totally. Your limits will be tested and respected. My power is addictive and intoxicating so beware! I am a unique Dominant Ebony Goddess who exudes femininity, regality and power.

Under my guidance you will learn about true servitude, devotion and selflessness. I will use your fetish as a dangling carrot to reach for only as a reward. I love withholding what you want to get what I want and teasing you into compliance. Are you a worthless foot slave or nylon slut begging to lick between my toes or sniff the scent of my well worn stocking?

Perhaps you are the quintessential alpha male executive in the board room that craves to be dominated, and be relieved of all that power and control. Experience ultimate power exchange with me and explore your submissive side.

I am a stern, no nonsense and slightly sadistic Mistress, also sensual, playful and patient when I want to be. I love my femininity and I love wearing sexy things that brings out the feline in me.


Goddess Rachel Books: ‘Murder and the Cuckold’ ‘Afternoon Lunch’ ‘True Ghost Story Horrors’ ‘Prose of a BDSM Fetish Mistress

Murder and The Cuckold-Murder Mystery Novel
Murder and The Cuckold-Murder Mystery Novel Click Image to Buy Now!
Erotic, hot steamy short story.
Erotic, hot steamy short story. Click image or text to Buy Now!
True Ghost Story Horrors, by Goddess Rachel
Personal True Scary Ghost Stories. Click on image or text to Buy Now!
Prose of a BDSM Fetish Mistress
Prose of a BDSM Fetish Mistress by Goddess Rachel. Click on text or image to Buy Now!











As a writer on topics that interest me and a writer of fetish based fiction, Murder and the Cuckold and Afternoon Lunch, 

my years of experience in the realm of sexual kink has given me a treasure trove of stories to weave into erotic fictional novels and short stories. My love of writing is another creative appendage of who I am. It’s fun losing myself in the characters I create for my books and attracting new readers. I do ask buyers of my books to leave a review on Goodreads. Just click on the book you have read and add your review.





My youtube channel, ‘Mistress Powell’s Sissy Class is where I hold my classes for men who have a deep desire to be transformed into sissies.

You’ll find my videos resonating with most of you on many levels, because it’s not just about dressing in women’s clothing, wearing makeup, stockings and high heels. My sissy based videos are designed to help you become comfortable with who you are, and hold a mirror up to your face. It’s a truthful and ugly perspective into the psychological make up of someone who is wrestling with his feminine desires.




Erotic Fetish Paid Per View Content


Goddess Rachel’s Erotic PPV Content speaks to your fetish, titillate and makes you hot, addicted and eager to serve me. My creativity is boundless when producing sensual and erotic clips, mp3’s, games and assignments. Do you salivate when I’m in nylons or do you enjoy a playful tongue lashing? Why not enjoy a custom clip that speaks to your kink and erotic desires?

Requests for custom clips or mp3’s may be sent to: goddessrachel@goddessrachel.com describe your request in detail and the length of the clip or audio mp3. All custom productions must be Pre-paid. Delivery time is within 3 to 5 days.

Click link to my PPV Content.




Erotic Domination and Role Play Is Just a Phone Call Away

I find that most of my adult phone chat clients call me at the most opportune time when there is no threat of someone walking in on our steamy conversation. They are calling me from their office, hotel room when on a business trip or from their parked car in some remote location. Nothing deters them when they must have their Goddess

Sensual Phone Domination by Goddess Rachel. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 01741684
Adult Phone Chat and Erotic Domination by Ebony Goddess Rachel.
Call Now! 1-800-863-5478
ext: 01741684

Rachel phone chat fix. I treat each client as an individual and their sexual desires or fetishes are custom to their needs.

Money is not an option to them because they know I’m worth every dollar. I can remember a few years back when I was on the phone with a client nine straight hours. (No Kidding) We both enjoyed every minute of it and to this day he continues to call me.

All you need to do

is read some of the reviews here. I get calls from around the country and some international calls from Italy, UK and Germany.

Phone Chat Ice Breaker

Long time fans and admirers are usually regular visitors to my website. They buy my offerings, but are too intimidated or too shy to call. There is no need to feel this way. That’s why it is important to break the ice with casual conversation and get to know one another. It also allows me to find your sweet spot while getting to know you. Randy and horny clock watchers who call to bust a nut in 3 or 4 minutes should move on to someone else!


Goddess RachelHow to Tribute Mistress

Goddess Worship entails more than mental fantasy, feet licking, domestic servitude and wanting to feast on my body. It’s about acts of monetary generosity towards your Mistress. True Goddess Worship is seeing that my desires are met and maintained. Shopping on a leisure Friday afternoon and having a late lunch and a cocktail is a past time I enjoy and deserve. My birthday, January 16th is coming up, click here to tribute cash, buy gift cards and shop my wish list.