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Savor my compilation of fetish videos and images from the past decade. You get (5) Videos and (5) sexy pics.

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Financial Slave Hypnosis

This special Financial Slave Hypnosis mp3 is compact with suggestions and commands that will even penetrate the mind of a cheapskate.

Realize your true purpose as my money slave.

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Chastity Trance Conditioning

Here is where I take control of your genitals and your behavior. A locked cock is a controlled cock and Goddess Rachel's personal property. Submit now! Includes Chastity Slave Contract.

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Sissy Transformation Trance

Be feminized by a true Goddess with the power to transform you. We must start with your feminine core that's buried deep within your subconscious crying to get out.

Your training starts with my 'Sissy Transformation Trance' mp3. (Audio 18 min.) $45.00 Buy Now!

Milking Hypnosis, Vol. 1

This hypnotic mp3 is for the undisciplined submissive who needs guidance in controlling his cock.

Erotic release to my seductive powerful voice and control. (Audio 12 min.) $45.00 Buy Now!

Money Slave Trance

Prepare yourself for an intense money submission brainwashing. Submit yourself to deep conditioning to serve me financially.

(Audio 11 min.) $45.00 Buy Now!

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