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Buy My Fetish Ring Tones For Your Android or Smart Phone

Verbal Abuse - Prepare for a tongue lashing every time your phone rings.†


The perfect ringtone for humiliation sluts who like to be degraded in public. You'll quake with dread every time your phone ring! Buy Now! $18.00 Time 18 sec.

Submit and Serve - A conditioning ringtone to submit and serve!

A reminder what your purpose is. You won't forget it!

Buy Now! $18.00 Time 34 sec.

Spank and Train - Be reminded of what a firm command and a firm hand feels like on your butt cheeks!


Mistress loves to spank and discipline!

Buy Now! $18.00 Time 46 sec.

Smother You - Hot Sensual breasts titillation fantasy. I just know youíre a breast man! Bonus Image Included in download.


Buy Now! $25.00 Time 26 sec.

Permission to Answer - I dare you to answer your phone without my permission. Do you want to risk the consequences?


What a way to be trained to be my slave. Let my voice and commands be your trigger to submit to me!

 Buy Now! $18.00 Time 24 sec.

Craving to be Controlled - Do you crave to be controlled? This Goddess will leave you well satiated.


Buy Now! $18.00 Time 30 sec.

Chastity Belt Command - Want to be reminded about who holds the key?† I promise you won't forget!


Buy Now! $18.00 Time 26 sec.




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